Last updated: Oct 20 2016


Globalization lets you manage and display website content in two or more languages, and localize the Episerver user interface to make it display in each language. Episerver built globalization for easy reuse of an information structure when you translate content. All types of content are supported, using either the same domain name, or a domain name with a language prefix. You also can set up language-specific websites when the information structure differs between languages.

  • Map languages to domains or all languages on the same domain.
  • Set fallback and replacement languages for most content types.
  • Localize user interfaces, for editors working in a multiple language environment.
  • Set access rights on languages in the editorial interface for most content types.
  • Manage "non-latin" languages and right-to-left website display.
  • Manage content translation using external service add-ons.

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