Last updated: Oct 20 2016

Episerver Technical Overview

The Episerver Technical Overview outlines the technical features of central areas in the Episerver platform, with references to detailed information about each area. The information is intended for developers, system architects, and evaluators with a technical interest in the Episerver platform.

The Episerver platform is based on the Episerver framework and a core user interface, with a modular product suite covering the entire area of Digital Content, Commerce and Marketing.

Episerver CMS. The content management foundation.

Episerver Commerce. Adds eCommerce capabilities.

Episerver Find. For building advanced search.

Episerver Campaign. Adds omnichannel messaging features.

Episerver Advance. For adding personalized content recommendations.

Episerver Perform. For adding personalized product recommendations.

Episerver Reach. For adding personalized email triggers.

Episerver Insight. For managing visitor profiles for campaigns.

Episerver Social. API for adding user-generated content.

Episerver Add-ons. Provides extension possibilities within many areas.

Episerver DXC Service. For efficient management of cloud-based solutions.

Episerver comes with a web solution toolkit including sample templates and a plug-in for Visual Studio to get your website development project quickly up and running.

The following image shows the layers that support Episerver platform features.

  • Optimization layer. Lets you measure, analyze, and optimize the performance of website content, such as conversion rates for a campaign landing page.  
  • Delivery layer. Holds the presentation parts, including support for responsive design and templates based on both Web Forms and MVC, and also support for building advanced search and filtering features.
  • Creation layer. Where you manage content, such as pages and blocks, or e-commerce content such as products and orders. you can personalize content, and make it part of an approval workflow with authorization applied.
  • Data layer. Provides the information, which can originate from the database, from one or more content providers and external data sources integrated with Episerver.

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