Episerver Technical Overview

The Episerver Technical Overview outlines the technical features and central areas in the Episerver platform. The information is intended for developers, system architects, and evaluators with a technical interest in Episerver.

The Episerver Digital Experience Platform is based on the Episerver framework and an intuitive user interface, with a modular product suite embracing digital content, e-commerce, marketing automation, data management, and personalization. Multiple APIs and extension components offer flexible extension and integration possibilities. 


Easy installation and service onboarding, a set of sample templates and Visual Studio extensions, help you get your development projects quickly up and running. With Episerver's continuous releases, updates are available on a weekly basis, so you can keep projects up-to-date, with a shorter time-to-market for customer solutions.

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service is the end-to-end, full-stack digital platform package that includes content management, digital marketing, enterprise search and digital commerce in a single cloud service. The service ensures high availability and performance, with configuration and maintenance of required components included.

Commercial packages include:

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2018