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Subscription feature for Episerver NuGet site

Recently as we have received many requests on Subscription feature and a survey was carried out, today we got the subscription feature available for you. Each package page has 2 options for you to:

  • Receive update immediately when new version is available.
  • Receive weekly newsletter for all packages' change within last week (includes brand-new packages).

To unsubscribe, simple click the button again.

Image UnsubscribeGuidance.png

You will receive update via email:

- Single package update:

Image Clipboard02.png

- Weekly newsletter update:

Image Screenshot_3.png

That's it. I hope this feature helps you more on the long way. If you have comments or idea don't hesitate to leave it in the comment section or send email to /


Would it be possible to do this for all packages? For instance a weekly email with all updates would be very useful (not just individual packages).

Great addition! I agree with Frederik, though. Not only for updates, but also for new package additions.

Hi, to make it clear, the newsletter subscription is for all changes within a week of every packages (includes brand-new packages). That's the result we received from the survey. Cheer!


Great addition! Thanks a lot!


but I wouldn't say that location of weekly newletter subscription link for all packages is the best :)

At the moment it's the best place I would put it when there are not so many pages for the whole site.

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