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  • Subscription feature for Episerver NuGet site

    Recently as we have received many requests on Subscription feature and a survey was carried out, today we got the subscription feature available for you. Each package page has 2 options for you to: Receive update immediately when new version is... 0

  • Episerver Nuget site up-to-date changes

    Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well today :)  Recently, Episerver Nuget site made several major changes for new CMS 11, Bootstrap 4.1 and Nuget Server 2.14, as long as security update for the whole site. The old design seems legacy and not so... 0

  • What's new for Episerver World today? It's the brand new Hall of Fame!

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well :) We developers highly appreciate the value of your contribution to our Community. Following the voting feature and contribution system reconstruction, we would like to announce new Hall of Fame section ... 0

  • Episerver World's New Voting Feature is Available Today

    Hi everyone, Today we've deployed new voting feature for forum post on Episerver World. The number of upvotes might come in handy in circumstance the post marked as answer doesn't resolve the problem of others who seeking for appropriate answer of... 0

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