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Episerver Advance launched!

It is with great joy I announce the general availability of our content personalization service Advance, enabling you to track visitor behavior across all your touchpoints, in order to use machine learning to determine the relationship between that behaviour and your content, showing the content that is most suitable for your visitors at any given time.

Image Advance overview.gif

You are now able to order Advance via your sales representative. Demo accounts are not available at this time but we will post information here once that has resolved.

Meanwhile you could have a look at the sample recommendations block that we have added to Github, and the new nuget packages EPiServer.Tracking.PageView and EPiServer.Personalization.CMS

Advance is featured in our roadmap updates, so stay tuned for upcoming functionality there!

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    (By Abbie Alaric , 04 June 2018 11:22, Permanent link)

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