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  • New license model 2018

    Earlier I wrote a blog about how the instance bound license works ( instance bound licenses in Episerver ) when hosting customers solutions in Microsoft Azure Web Apps. From 2018 Episerver will remove the old server bound license and we will only... 9

  • Episerver Campaign for developers

    When we at Episerver are presenting Episerver Campaign for customers and partners we some times get the question: “is that the campaigns and promotions in Episerver Commerce?” The answer is NO, and I know it can be very confusing. It’s not the... 0

  • Self deployment in DXC Service

    Since the beginning of DXC Service partners and customers have always asked why they could not deploy their code by them selves. Because of our SLA on the web-application and the responsibility of customers Episerver installations, the answer was... 1

  • Instance bound licenses in Episerver

    There are some partners wanting to host their customers Episerver installations in the cloud. There are some considerations when it comes to the licensing in Episerver choosing to host the application in the cloud. Just a brief explanation of our... 0

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