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Big Things are Coming to Episerver Social

We are happy to announce that, in the fall of this year, we will be releasing Episerver Social 2.0. 

This release is the culmination of a substantial amount of customer and partner collaboration. Feedback from these two communities produce the most valuable insight and have a direct impact on the product's feature direction. With 2.0, we seek to address much of the feedback that we've received this year and to provide ever deeper social capabilties.

Below you'll find some of the highlights of this release and a bit of what you can expect in the coming months.

What's new in version two?

The goals for 2.0 are multi-faceted; they range from development experience and usablility to content modeling and filtering. So, let's take a peek at what's in store.

Content modeling flexibility

Episerver Social acknolwedges that every application has unique needs when it comes to social content and it strives to provide the most flexbile content modeling experience possible. Presently, developers are free to tailor social content models (comments, ratings, etc.) to fit their use case. 2.0 brings a more open content type system, which allows developers to more freely identify, filter, and transform their content. Requirements evolve and your content shouldn't hinder you from acheiving them. 2.0 seeks to provide a level of control to accomodate the most agile of implementations.

Content transformations and synchronicity

Coming hand-in-hand with more flexbile content modeling is the ability to easily update and transform that content. Social content is often supplimentary to other site content, such as pages or products. That relationship means that there are times when changes affecting the parent content also affect the children. Episerver Social 2.0 introduces the ability to quickly communicate and execute such changes across your content. Whether you need to update a field on a single comment or making a sweeping changes across many ratings, Episerver Social 2.0 has the tools to make it quick and easy.

Enhanced filtering capabilities

Episerver Social 2.0 brings a unified filtering experience, providing developers with a consistent means of querying for their social content. Not only does this streamline the development experience but it opens up a myriad of new possibilities when retrieving your content. You can apply the whole of Episerver Social's expression library to native and extension data alike. You can filter across extension data types. And you can do all of this in a consistent, fluent, manner.

Developer usability

As developers ourselves, the usability of the framework is also very important to us. In 2.0, a heavy emphasis was placed on the development experience for features new and old. Along with the power of the capabilities described above, you'll find that framework APIs have been streamlined with more approachable method signatures and meaningful native models.

Will I have an opportunity to try it?

Yes! In other exciting news, we will be launching an Episerver Social developer portal where you will be able to create trial instances for exploring the platform and sandbox development.

Will more information be available?

Absolutely! A full documentation update will accompany the 2.0 release, which will include feature overviews, API samples, and best practices. There will also be a series of blog entries detailing how best to take advantage of all of the new capabilities.

Will there be breaking changes?

All version 1.x clients will remain fully compatible with Episerver Social's cloud services. An upgrade to 2.0 is optional.

If you wish to take advantage of the capabilities introduced in 2.0, some application updates will be necessary upon upgrading to the new client. We will detail these changes and provide an overview of the steps necessary to migrate to the new client as the release approaches.


We thank you for sharing all of your use cases, ideas, and challenges with us. Please keep them coming. We look forward to continue to support you and your social content solutions.

Jul 31, 2017

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