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What's new in Episerver Social 1.2.0?

The R&D team is excited to announce that Episerver Social 1.2.0 releases this week. It includes a number of new features for developers. Let's take a look at what's in it:

Asynchronous overloads for all services

All methods of the Episerver Social framework's services now have asynchronous overloads allowing developers to take advantage of .NET's async/await capabilities and allows the framework to accomodate a broader range of development paradigms. The developer guide has been updated with samples demonstrating the use of each of the new overloads.

EPiServer.Social.Framework NuGet package

For developers looking to take advantage of Episerver Social's full suite of features, we've added the EPiServer.Social.Framework NuGet package. This is a light package which will install all of the Episerver Social features: Comments, Ratings, Moderation, Activity Streams, and Groups.

Update method for Roles

In a minor enhancement to the RoleService, an Update method has added allowing you to update composite Roles. (This also includes an asynchronous overload.)

Social Alloy demonstration application

A demonstration application for Episerver Social features is now available on GitHub. This application is a clone Episerver's Alloy demonstration site, enhanced with Episerver Social capabilities. In its initial revision, this site includes a series of Episerver blocks which can be added to pages to explore the feature set. This will continue to be enhanced with additional demonstrations and developer samples, so make sure to bookmark the repo.

In the coming weeks, the R&D team will be focused on a number of initiatives which include:

  • Additional tutorials and demonstrations
  • Enhancements to boost the capabilities of the Ratings feature
  • Further internal service improvements

And finally, be sure to join me at Episerver Ascend USA 2016 for a hands-on lab in which we'll introduce the platform, discuss how its features can be composed to create product reviews, and then implement them in a commerce site. See you there!

    (By Daniel Ovaska , 30 January 2017 10:54, Permanent link)

    Very nice! I like that you add some examples to Alloy. 

    Will help for demo purposes...

    (By K Khan , 30 January 2017 22:46, Permanent link)

    Asynchronous feature is very helpful! Thanks!

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