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  • Create stores for the dynamic data store

    I’ve started to study for the certification test and since there are quite a few areas in CMS 6 I haven’t used I started with one of those (hey, everything beats reading up on mirroring right?) namely the dynamic data store. Also, if you’ve fallen... 0

  • Making episerver code testable– the fallback language function

    So, after the last post that tried to introduce some concepts and tools this posts is going to be more practical and hands-on. If there’s one thing I want you to keep in mind is the following: When talking about “testing with EPiServer” what you... 0

  • Making EPiServer code testable – some terms and tools

    This is a post in a series about testing and EPiServer. This post will cover some basic concepts as well as the tools we’re going to be using later on. I find that discussing naming style of tests, while important, can be as much of a productivity... 0

  • Making EPiServer code testable – the role of the community

    As I mentioned briefly in my last post I don’t think EPiServer have been under a lot of pressure from the community to make the core product (unit) testable. And while it would be nice if this was top of the priority list at the development team... 3

  • Making EPiServer code testable – the mild mannered rant

    As I mentioned in my last post writing tests for your code isn’t hard. The big “but” you know is coming is that this is valid only if the framework you’re writing code for/in is built to be testable. Just as an example, to be able to write the tes... 3

  • Testing EPiServer code

    One thing I’m known to talk (read: nag) about with my colleagues is (unit) testing and more specifically how it isn’t hard to do. For instance, take an example from Daniel Berg that’s used to add the very nice to have functionality of fallback... 1

  • A blog post from the future

    Hello Stefan. This is you writing a blog post in DateTime.Now.AddYears(yearsItTakesToCompleteVNext). I just thought I’d let you know how you develop with EpiServer nowadays. If the development process won’t look like this something horrible has... 5

  • An introduction to StructureMap

    As some of you are aware I had the great honor of spending my 30th birthday giving a presentation about the IoC-container StructureMap to the Stockholm EPiServer meetup group. The focus of the presentation, and this blog post, was not to dwell int... 4

  • A Cowboy, a decorator and an interceptor does some logging

    Imagine that we have a service that’s responsible for fetching some pagedata. The following interface and class is used 1: public interface IPageLoadService 2: { 3: PageData Load( int id); 4: } 1: public class PageLoadService : IPageLoadService 2:... 0

  • Why you have to mark your properties as virtual when using PTB

    A colleague asked me why all the properties that are to be mapped with PageTypeBuilder has to be virtual. This is sort of interesting and everyone that’s using PTB might not be aware of the reason so I thought that that merits a quick post about i... 0

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