Blog entries posted during 2018

  • ServiceApi Customers and Organizations Extended

    Recently I helped a couple of partners who needed to be able to update custom properties on customers and organizations using the service api.  I sent them some code and thought I would share here for anyone else who might need.  Hopefully soon th... 0

  • Simple Content Synchronization

    I recently received a question from a partner trying to implement a requirement for having no live edits on the production server.  I have received this question a few other times so I thought I would see if I could come up with a solution that... 0

  • Hide Sites in Page Tree for editors without Create or Edit Access rights

    Recently I was asked by a customer how they could hide sites in the page tree for users without edit access.  I thought this was easily done using access rights, but I was wroing as the content still shows but cannot be edited since everyone has... 0

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I am working as a partner solution architect. I have been working with eCommerce projects since 2004.