Blog entries posted during 2014

  • Code samples to extend the user interface

    Since the release of EPiServer 7.5, I've been out doing presentations how you can extend the user interface without having to write JavaScript. Today, I've published sample code on EPiServer's GitHub account that shows lots of samples on how you c... 0

  • Typed Property Settings

    Today we released built in support to define Property Settings in code. The main use case for this is that you can now control what tools should be enabled in Tiny MCE in code. You can either create a global default setting or create a specific... 0

  • Built in auto suggestion editor

    Last week’s UI release added support for two built in auto suggestion editors giving the same functionality as I described in this previos blog post: 0

  • Restricting access to who is allowed to edit a certain property

    I did a presentation in Oslo about a month ago and one thing in EPiServer 7.5 that I wanted to emphasize on is the support for the IMetadataAware attribute. This, in combination with implementing a ValidationAttribute is very powerful and in this... 0

  • Enum properties for EPiServer 7.5

    Joel Abrahamsson wrote a nice blog post about how to define a property that uses an enum that gives the editor a selection of choices in the UI. This code was written for EPiServer 7 and there are some changes in EPiServer 7.5 that makes it possib... 0

  • Property Renderers and nullable types

    Today I got a question from a collegue that could not get a specific property template for a DateTime property to be used. The template resolver never selected this renderer for some reason, even if the tags was matching. Since I’ve seen other... 0

  • Adding custom views to your content

    My collegue Duong an Nguyen has already blogged about how to create custom views in EPiServer 7.5 here . But since I’m pretty sure that there are quite a few people that have either not read it or understood the power in this, so here is a recap.... 0

  • Linking to other content in EPiServer

    With the release of EPiServer 7.5, the ability to refer to other content without having to write custom properties has been increased quite a lot. First, let’s take a look on how pages were referred in your content type models in EPiServer 7.0:... 0

  • Tweaking the settings header in EPiServer 7.5

    My collegue Kalle Ljung wrote a blog post about how to tweak the settings header that was added in an UI update last year ( 0

  • The three rendering modes of EPiServer

    When a template is rendered for a content item in EPiServer, items might be rendered a bit different depending of which “mode” the request is done for. The three modes are: Default (normal site visitor). Edit (On Page Editing). Preview (preview... 0

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Linus Ekström

Epinova AB

I'm CEO for Epinova Sweden, a leading Episerver partner in the Nordic region. I have previously worked 13 years at EPiServer as both a developer and architect. I guide customers and our teams to deliver the most possible value on the Episerver platform given their budgets.