Blog entries posted during May 2011

  • Language File Population Helper VS Macro

    Introduction For the last six months or so I have been working on a large global EPiServer build.  After a few weeks working on the project one of my colleagues Paul Graham soon got fed up of populating the language files with translatable text an... 4

  • PageTypePropertyGroup for PageTypeBuilder v2

    Some time last year myself and my colleague Mark Everard were discussing features that we thought were missing from PageTypeBuilder.  We concluded the most important feature to us that was missing was the ability to have reusable groups of... 5

  • Multiple Selection Custom Property Base Control

    On many occasions I have built custom properties which allow a user to select and sort options from an available list. I am sure there are many alternative solutions to the one I am presenting here but I decided to build my own base control that... 0

  • EPiServer FilteredPageReference Property Controls v1.3 Released

    For those of you who are not aware of the Filtered Page Reference property controls I have created please refer to the following two blog posts: EPiServer FilteredPageReference v1.0 Released EPiServer FilteredPageReference v1.1 Released EPiServer... 0

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