Blog entries posted during February 2011

  • EPiServer FilteredPageReference Property Controls v1.2 Released

    For those of you who are not aware of the Filtered Page Reference property controls I have created please refer to the following two blog posts: EPiServer FilteredPageReference v1.0 Released EPiServer FilteredPageReference v1.1 Released I have bee... 0

  • PageTypeBuilder and PropertySettings Synching

    Whilst creating my FilteredPageReference properties I had a thought about PageTypeBuilder and PropertySettings. Currently PageTypeBuilder does not provide a way to synch custom property settings. For me personally I believe having this ability may... 1

  • FilteredPageReference v1.1 Released

    I know what you are all thinking, v1.0 was only released 2 days ago.  It must be full of bugs and this is a hasty patch release, but this is not the case, I promise . I didn’t really see the functionality changing much and I certainly didn’t... 2

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