Blog entries posted during October 2011

  • PageTypeBuilder 2 – New Features

    PageTypeBuilder v2.0 comes with a number of new features which Joel will most probably have already blogged about, see links on this page . But I thought I would put my own post up detailing some of the additional features I have been working on. ... 1

  • FindPagesWithCriteriaContext v1.1

    Just over a couple of weeks ago I released the FindPagesWithCriteriaContext class.  This essentially provides a nice little Linq wrapper over the top of the FindPagesWithCriteria API, more details can be found here . The reason for the blog post i... 0

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.2 Released

    The ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty assembly provides a developer with the ability to easily create custom properties that are made up of other property types.  It allows the developer to create properties that are essentially lists of other... 4

  • FilteredPageReference v1.4 Released

    For those of you who are interested but not aware the FilteredPageReference assembly provides a developer with two new properties that are essentially a replacement for the PageReference and LinkItemCollection properties.  These properties allow a... 0

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