Blog entries posted during January 2011

  • EPiServer FilteredPageReference v1.0 Released

    What is this I hear you all cry.  Well I will tell you For a few of the projects I have been working on I have been using Joel Abrahamsson's TypedPageReference property control to enforce a referential integrity (for want of a term) for picking... 3

  • EPiServer null property values for saved but unpublished pages

    Introduction Recently I have been working on an EPiServer 6 build.  One of the requirements for this build to manage time table data. I am not going to go into the full requirements but we are using PageTypeBuilder for our entity objects and using... 1

  • EPiServer Search and Replace plug-in v1.2

    I have released a new version of the Search and Replace plugin I released a few months ago.  Some UI enhancements have been made and there was an issue where the plugin fell over when running edit mode under a different relative file path location... 2

  • Using Symbolic links for EPiServer lang folders to prevent unintentional file modifications

    Introduction Over time I have worked on a few multi lingual sites that have had requirements to allow label text throughout the site to be translatable.  This would usually be done by adding text to the relevant language files within the “lang”... 1

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