Blog entries posted during 2011

  • PageTypeBuilderUI v2.0 Released

    As PageTypeBuilder v2.0 has now been released , thank Joel , I have now made PageTypeBuilderUI v2.0 available. PageTypeBuilderUI v2.0 contains the following new features: Built against PageTypeBuilder v2.0 Will now show mismatches when PTB page... 8

  • FilteredPageReference v1.5 Released

    My colleague David Knipe asked me yesterday whether it would be possible to add search into the FilteredPageReference page picker dialog as a client had requested it.  When I initially implemented FPR I decided to remove the search but I have now... 6

  • ElencySolutions Image Map and Hot Spot Editor v1.1 Released

    I have just released a new version of the Image Map and Hot Spot Editor I created for EPiServer CMS 6. The main reason for the new version was to fix issues that can be caused when using EPiServer Commerce, this caused my embedded resources to not... 2

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.3.3 Released

    It seems like I am releasing a new version of this assembly every few weeks at the moment.  The reason for this is I have been using it a lot recently and I keep seeing minor little things I would like to improve .  I think I have sorted everythin... 0

  • FilteredPageReference v1.4.1 Released

    A new version of FilteredPageReference has now been released which contains the following bug fixes and changes: There was a bug when using the delegate to override allowed page type settings which has been fixed. In previous versions if using... 0

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.3.2 Released

    For anyone who is currently using my MultipleProperty assembly, a new version has been released today which fixes the following minor bug: When a user edits a page property and one of the MultipleProperty Edit or Delete buttons is clicked or the... 0

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.3.1 Released

    For those of you who are not using ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty in their projects please refer back to previous blog posts and the usage instructions linked to on codeplex to see how it could help you out. Some of the things it allows you to... 0

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.3 Released

    Last week it came to my attention that there was an issue when using list based properties with my MultipleProperty assembly within a composer function. The issue that was occurring was that when the list had only one item the changes were not... 0

  • PageTypeBuilder 2 – New Features

    PageTypeBuilder v2.0 comes with a number of new features which Joel will most probably have already blogged about, see links on this page . But I thought I would put my own post up detailing some of the additional features I have been working on. ... 1

  • FindPagesWithCriteriaContext v1.1

    Just over a couple of weeks ago I released the FindPagesWithCriteriaContext class.  This essentially provides a nice little Linq wrapper over the top of the FindPagesWithCriteria API, more details can be found here . The reason for the blog post i... 0

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