Blog entries posted during 2010

  • Speeding up FindPagesWithCriteria and General PageDataCollection based queries

    I work on a few sites that use FindPagesWithCriteria extensively in various places and was wondering whether the EPiServer queries are as optimised as they could be. I decided to open Reflector and start digging into the EPiServer API.  After a... 6

  • EPiServer Search and Replace Plug-in v1.1 Released

    About a month ago I released version 1.0 of the search and replace plug-in I have built for EPiServer 6 and onwards. For those of you who have not taken a look at the plug-in yet, basically it allows a user to search and replace content within a... 0

  • EPiServer Search and Replace Plug-in Released

    A couple of months ago myself and a couple of my colleagues were discussing features that are currently missing from EPiServer CMS.  One feature clients often request is a global search and replace feature. After the discussion I thought this... 5

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