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  • Co Shopping

    Think about the scenarios like, On an e-commerce website, 70% of customers are leaving shopping after adding items to Carts, One of the many factors is that customer wants to explore products more. Can we offer them an opportunity that they could... 3

  • Maxmind GeoIP2 for EPiServer 11

    PixieEPiServerExtensionMaxMindGeoIP2 2.0.0 is available to install on EPiServer 11 on  Nuget  (upgraded to .netframework 461) . It offers features as mentioned in  Post . This passed the testing on EPiServer.Commerce 11.6.1, for QickSilver. Feel... 0

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Technical Lead, extremely passionate about knowledge and wisdom. My main focus areas are design, implementation and Integration of E-Commerce solutions. I am working in EPiServer products since 2007.