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  • EPiServer support for multilingual web addresses

    A Web address is used to point to a resource on the Web such as a Web page. Typically web addresses are expressed using Uniform Resource Identifiers or URIs, but advanced web addresses allow the use of characters from a wide range of scripts... 0

  • Migrate from SQL membership to identity

    If your EPiServer website is still on ASP.Net membership system, think t he ASP.NET membership system was introduced with ASP.NET 2.0 back in 2005, and since then there have been many changes in the ways web applications typically handle... 0

  • EPiServer integration with azure logic apps(part 1)

    Microsoft Logic Apps provide a way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. There are three major components that we will need to understand to before start working. Designer - It is relevantly independent module... 0

  • what is IPromotionService for?

    We may be using IPromotionService already but the reference for IPromotionService is missing from the documentation. This post is for reference only that how this can be used. IPromotionService offers 3 methods as follows. ILis...

  • Commerce 11 first look

    Performance improvements for websites with a large number of promotions/campaigns while loading order totals and redemption numbers. Price caching is not affected anymore by disabling CatalogCache configuration. Simplified price selection if... 0

  • Serialize IContent to use in Angular like front technologies

    A generic service to convert IContent into an Expando Object , ExpandoObject that can be converted into JSON to use in Angular/React components. Find the code gist Limitations:...

  • Few best practises while working with orders

    Validate the status of line item (at required stage in sale flow) to make sure the product is active, within the valid date range, and that the catalog entry is available in the current market. Validate the status of line item (at required stage i...

  • Schedule Jobs revised

    Schedule jobs has been revised in version 10.8. we have a new property Restartable on the ScheduledPlugIn attribute, that can be defined as following [ScheduledPlugIn(Restartable = true)] Jobs having property "Restartable=true" will make sure it c...

  • How CDN can effect personalisation

    Without going into detailed benefits of CDN, generally CDNs are used to deliver the contents from fastest and closest available server.  In Episerver Digital Experience Cloud services, CDN has its own URL pointing to the original URL. The visitor...

  • Maxmind GeoIP2 with IPV6 support

    PixieEPiServerExtensionMaxMindGeoIP2 1.0.6 is available on Nuget  with IPV6 support. If you will be using GeolocationMaxmindService implementing IGeolocationService in your project, you will require to handle exception. e.g. If IPV6 address not... 0

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