Blog entries posted during 2016

  • Exceptions in Find

    Episerver Find can be used in many places on a site, like menus, navigations, listings, and searches. One thing that usually are forgotten when using Find is that it’s a service in the “cloud”, where you should handle possible exceptions.... 0

  • Automatic landing page in Quicksilver using the search provider system

    My last blog post  was an overview over “automatic landing pages”. This blog post will show how we can implement this on Quicksilver, using the search provider system. We will change the current facet navigation in Quicksilver to instead use... 2

  • Automatic landing page

    An “Automatic landing page” is content (for example an page type instance) which renders differently depending on user input. A form of personalized content-type. A google hit can, for example, point to an automatic landing page, which shows conte... 0

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