Blog entries posted during 2013

  • EPiServer Most Valuable Professional Program

    The EPiServer Most Valued Professional Program, more commonly known as the EMVP Program, is designed to promote professionals within the EPiServer developer community who are contributing with high class content (e.g. blogs, forums posts, code... 0

  • Special Promotions and Offers for Customer Segments in EPiServer Commerce

    Based on EPiServer CMS 7.1, Commerce 1 R3, and the Enoteca Templates Shannon Gray recently wrote an excellent blog on how to “ Do A Lot More With EPiServer Commerce Promotions With a Little Code ”. Inspired by this blog, as well as a similar... 0

  • RSS Reader Block

    Based on EPiServer 7.1 EPiServer customers often want to use RSS on their sites. Some want to create RSS output from their pages, others may want to view it in a dashboard report, and others may simply want to consume a RSS source and syndicate it... 0

  • Divider “Layout” Block

    Based on EPiServer 7 and the Alloy Templates The new Alloy templates released with EPiServer 7 are based on a grid layout. The grid contains a number of rows in which content  blocks will automatically resize and fit on the same row or flow to... 0

  • YouTube Block

    Based on EPiServer 7 and Alloy Templates The title says it all! My colleague Janaka Fernando was kind enough to share a YouTube block with me that he created. I tweaked it a bit to add a few extras including a responsive flow. The result of our... 0

  • iFrame Block

    Based on EPiServer 7 and Alloy Templates Have you ever needed to display some content on an EPiServer site in an iFrame? My colleague Bill Murray and I created a simple block for this purpose. Configurable items include: URL (required) – URL you... 0

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Jeff Wallace

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I work as part of the Product Management team, with a focus on Cloud, for EPiServer out of the Stockholm office. I have a BBA in Computer Information Systems and over 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. During this I have filled a variety of roles ranging from Software Developer to Team Manager with resources spread across North and South America.