Blog entries posted during 2014

  • Database failures when creating a site in Visual Studio

    I’ve seen a few cases where Visual Studio is not able to create the database successfully when using the template to create a new EPiServer site. The MDF file is in the correct location, but either there are errors in the Visual Studio console... 0

  • Mixing Forms and Windows Authentication

    Recently I worked on a project where the client had both internal (Active Directory) and external (database-stored) users and wanted to authenticate both against the website. In itself, that’s very straightforward in EPiServer – we can just use th... 5

  • Auto-translate using the EPiServer languages Add-On

    When working with multiple languages on your EPiServer website, you have three options when it comes to translating your content: Do it manually Do it with a translation agency Do it automagically Option (1) is simple enough, you create a blank... 5

  • Cookies missing on XForm submission

    I came across a nasty little gotcha when working with XForms recently and although I grant it is somewhat of an edge case the cause is a bit obscure so I though it worth blogging about in case anyone else happens across it. The cause will also hav... 0

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