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Legacy redirect in CMS 6

Fredrik wrote a very interesting and informative post about changes to the configuration files. The post also brings a whole new meaning to the term configuration management.

An issue brounght up are changes of the URL to the edit and admin interfaces which causes existing bookmarks to break. This can be fixed using the downloads below. The module redirects requests to files that exist in edit/admin from the old to the new path.

We decided to pull this from the release since we didn’t have time to fully analyze the consequences of including it. There are two different downloads due to breaking changes to the initialization between RC and RTM.

Mar 16, 2010

(By fredrik.haglund, 9/21/2010 12:33:11 PM)

I understand the code but how do you install this the best way? I guess I need to change some config to register the module?

(By , 9/21/2010 12:33:11 PM)

There's an "initializable module" that is supposed to be picked up automatically and invoked as the site starts. There are some options to configure this in the episerver.framework section which could prevent automatic registration.

Anders Almås
(By Anders Almås, 9/21/2010 12:33:11 PM)

I added EPiServer.LegacyRedirect.dll to my bin-folder and restarted my site - but the module is not picked up - do you have an example of how the episerver.framework.config needs to look like to pick it up?

And when it is picked up, is it supposed to appear in admin mode?

(By , 9/21/2010 12:33:11 PM)

The framework.config should either look like it does in a clean installation or include the new assembly. The module itself doesn't appear in admin mode, it just redirects incoming requests to /uipath/edit/... to /uipath/cms/edit/...

Anders Almås
(By Anders Almås, 9/21/2010 12:33:11 PM)

Ahh - I had changed my framework.config, i reconfigured it and it now works like a charm :) thanks!

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