Blog entries posted during 2018

  • Content Providers and Flat Content

    A classic challenge in many CMS - and also in Episerver - has always been what do you do with large amounts of non-hierarchical/flat content?  There has been many workarounds along the way and I was just on my way to make yet another when I...

  • Understanding Episerver CMS - How are images rendered

    When using reusable content such as images, the actual HTML rendering of them can happen multiple places. But when is what used? And how can you customize it?

  • VS2017 Debugger Timeout

    A really annoying problem has been bothering me for a while with VS2017. When debugging most web apps, I often encounter time-outs. For some reason it happens nearly every time I do it with Episerver projects. Here is the solution.

  • Gist Content Provider

    Always preferring coding over 'real work' I figured that it would be pretty neat if I could just drag and drop my gists on GitHub directly into my blog posts here in Episerver in order to embed them. Naturally, a content provider seemed like the...

  • Automatic Blog Hierarchy

    Here's another little trick I use on this blog. Whenever a new blog post is created, it will automagically build a year/month hierarchy of list pages and place the blog post accordingly.

  • Error: No parameterless constructor defined for this object

    Ever started a site from scratch rather than the reference site and run into this classic error? Here's a hint for you.

  • Good ol' Dynamic Properties

    There was a time, when men were made of steel, ships made of wood, Episerver was spelled with a weird capitalization and the CMS had something called Dynamic Properties that was usually misused. They've been gone for a while, but I miss them, so...

  • Episerver Static Web Site Generator

    Azure Storage has a new cool feature in preview - Static Website. But what exactly does it do - and how can I connect my Episerver installation to it? I decided to find out.

  • Welcome Nicola Ayan as new EMVP

    Today I have the honor of announcing that the EMVP Board has granted Nicola Ayan EMVP status in recognition of her dedication to - and knowledge sharing with - the Episerver community. Welcome aboard, Nicola! You are now joining a group of truly... 0

  • 3 new EMVPs

    I am very happy to once again being able to welcome new Episerver Most Valuable Professionals! This time, the honor falls upon: Antti Alasvuo with Tieto in Finland Drew Null with Rightpoint in the US Scott Reed with Redweb in the UK Welcome guys!... 0

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