Blog entries posted during November 2009

  • Warm up your sites

    Stefan Schackow had a great tip at the end of his PDC session “ Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Core Runtime for Web Developers ”. A beta extension is available for IIS 7.5 that makes IIS automatically “warm up” your web sites before any visitors arrive. This...

  • EPiServer Tweetup at PDC09

    A number of EPiServer Developers are attending PDC and I am trying to arrange a social event for everybody interested in EPiServer that are attending PDC09. This means you, if you are an EPiServer employee, EPiServer Partner, EPiServer customer or...

  • MappedPageProvider, Dynamic Content Plugin & Virtual Roles Pack - now on Codeplex

    I finally found a moment to move the code for some of the more used blog posts to Codeplex, where they are being shared as open source under the LGPL License. The Mapped Page Provider , that makes it easier to create new page providers to existing...

  • QuickWatch Gadget

    Here is my humble contribution to the Gadget Contest 2009 . The SiteCenter in EPiServer CMS 6 is truly awesome and I think it will be a big help to many of the roles involved in a company’s web site – editors, web masters, marketing managers, sale... 8

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