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  • EPiImage is moving to the cloud in EPiServer CMS 7.5

    5 years ago, when the first lines of code for EPiImage was written, the online world was very different from now, and so was EPiServer CMS. A lot has changed since version 5 including a radically new editor UI, and in the next release (7.5) we wil... 0

  • The Largest EPiServer Partners Worldwide 2013

    Looking for an EPiServer partner? We take a look at the biggest EPiServer partners in the world in 2013.   Note: This list is purely based on the number of EPiServer Certified Developers (ECDs) each partner has, as stated on their partner page on... 0

  • Getting EPiServer 6 custom properties to work in EPiServer 7: Cannot create and populate list type…

    When working on getting EPiImage to work in EPiServer 7 I ran into the following error when publishing or auto saving an EPiImageGalleryProperty.     From the error message I guessed it had something to do with the JSON communication used in the n... 0

  • EPiImage for EPiServer 7: Legacy release

    If you are upgrading an EPiServer CMS 6 site to EPiServer CMS 7 and you are using EPiImage, you can now download a version of EPiImage that works with EPiServer 7.   Word of warning! Currently this version of EPiImage is strictly a “works on my... 0

  • 5 Secrets in EPiServer CMS 7 Edit Mode

    In this blog post I will show you 5 secrets you (maybe) didn’t know about in EPiServer 7 CMS edit mode.   Secret #1: Get the old edit mode back! Even with all the flashiness of the new on page edit UI and the availability of forms editing, some... 0

  • Limiting a Page Property to a specific Page Type in EPiServer 7

    In EPiServer 7 you can limit what page types can be selected in a page or link collection property using validation attributes.   Intro One of the big problems with EPiServer sites that have lived a while is when some clever editor decides to chan... 0

  • Updated: Defining page and block types in EPiServer 7

    When I first wrote my blog series about defining page types and block types in code in EPiServer 7 it was based on EPiServer 7 Preview. Quite a lot changed between the preview and final versions, so it is time for me to update the posts to the fin... 0

  • EPiImage and EPiServer 7

    Can I use EPiImage with EPiServer 7? What is happening with EPiImage going forward?   I get a lot of questions regarding EPiImage, so I thought I answer you all with a blog post.   Why have you been so quiet lately? Since last fall my current... 0

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