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  • Episerver as headless (Episerver Ascend 2018 presentation)

    One session I presented at Episerver Ascend London, Stockholm and Benelux 2018 was on Episerver as headless. This specifically talked about Episerver's approach to headless, including advantages and disadvantages of the approach. I also showed som...

  • PixieEPiServerExtensionMaxMindGeoIP2 will be retiring

    EPiServer will be offering official support now for Maxmind's  GeoIP2 database that comes with IPv6 support, Details can be found here . I will take this opportunity to say thanks to teams who have been using PixieEPiServerExtensionMaxMindGeoIP2 i... 1

  • Geolocation provider changes

    For quite some time Episerver CMS has come with built-in Geolocation support for MaxMind’s GeoLite database. When creating a site using the Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension or the EPiServer.CMS NuGet package it would come with a recent versio... 4

  • Episerver Image Tools in TinyMCE

    EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce versions 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 bring two Image Tools features inside the XHTML editor. Go to media  (version 2.3.0) This new button will make it easier for the editors to locate and navigate to the image that is included in the HTM...

  • Meetup in Uppsala wed June 20th

    Just a few spots left! Host this time is Visma and the event takes place at UKK and starts at 17. See you there! Register and read more information here!

  • Tools of the Trade - Diagnosing orders with errors

    Hello world. Welcome to my first blog post here on Episerver World! :D Today I thought that I’d share one of my most commonly used tools to diagnose and debug errors on PurchaseOrders or Carts. First a little bit of background For the last couple ... 4

  • How to implement security.txt under .well-known in IIS

    Focused on security? aren't we all? security.txt is a file that inform where you can report vulnerabilities on your site.

  • DDD Sydney – Episerver session (Headless CMS!)

    Next, DDD Sydney would be on 18th of August and my proposed session about Headless CMS is not on the vote! I need you Episerver gurus help to help me get my session approved. DDD has cool concept off democratically selected agenda. So all submitte...