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  • Control the thousand separator for Money in Episerver Commerce

    If you are selling goods in multiple markets which same currency but with different languages, such as EuroZone, you might notice that while everything looks quite good, except that the thousand separator might be off from time to time: it is alwa...

  • How to hide content types from editors in Episerver which you don’t own

    In this blog post I’ll show you two ways how to hide content types which you don’t own (meaning the content types are coming from Episerver or 3rd parties). Simple no coding needed and with an initialization module. Sometimes you might have a need...

  • Episerver Certification remote proctoring system installation

    When one applies for Episerver certification, three days before the exam instructions are being sent by Episerver education services. When you are booking your time for the certification, make sure to have a margin, since it can be a bit difficult...

  • Using Vuex in the MusicFestival template site

    We’re rewriting the music festival template site to use vuex to handle the state of the app. Previously, we’ve been using instance specific properties and mixins to handle and share state in different ways. In my opinion, moving all state handling... 1

  • ILM: Scheduled job that checks if page needs to be updated

    ILM - Information Lifecycle Managerment. Simple tool for helping editors managing information.

  • Content Delivery API and Custom Authorization

    Episerver Content Delivery API 2.x allows us to customize the authorization flow. Here's an example of how you can get and validate an access token using an external service and avoid all that similar stuff that bloated your Epi app when using 1.x...

  • Fixing ASP.NET Membership performance – part 1

    Even though it is not the best identity management system in the .NET world, ASP.NET Membership provider is still fairly widely used, especially for systems that have been running for quite long time with a significant amount of users: migrating t...

  • Routing two Episerver Commerce catalog nodes to different URLs

    Imagine that you have two different nodes in your Episerver Commerce catalog and you want these to be routed to different specifiable URLs within the site. This post looks at how this can be achieved by overriding only two HierarchicalCatalogParti...