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  • Common errors when developing an Episerver site

    At Zone , we spend a lot of time developing and maintaining large-scale Episerver builds with a team split across the UK, Romania and India. With a large codebase and lots of developers working at the same time, there are some errors we encounter...

  • EPiServer Notification For Expiring Pages

    A client asked if they could recieve some form of notification that pages they have created are about to expire 7 days before it actually expired.   I asked the client if they wanted an email of the list of the pages that are about to be expired a... 4

  • Enrich your logging with Episerver data

    Some of you may have noticed I quite like Serilog. And my NuGet package to integrate it in Episerver is used quite a few times, so I guess I am not the only one. One of the reasons I like it is that you enrich your logging with a lot of extra...

  • How Risky are EPiServer.DeveloperTools on Production Environment?

    We had a great conversation at the EPiServer Partner Close-Up conference with one and only Allan Thræn about future plans and such. And one of the topics we chatted about was that in our opinion no one really knows whether "EPiServer.DeveloperTool...

  • EPiServer CMS 11 Useful SQL Queries - 2

    Here is a set of few queries that we have been using in different investigations Get usages of EPiServer contents including pages and blocks Check Table size No contents have been added for following content types Looking into Activity Logs Unmapp...

  • Episerver Form MailChimp Integration

    Episerver Forms are maturing with every update, which helps both developers and those in marketing. But while most people choose to use Mailchimp’s embedded forms to capture mailing lists, I wanted to allow EPiServer editors to integrate with a... 2

  • EPiServer CMS 11 Useful SQL Queries - 1

    Here is a set of few queries that we have been using in different investigations Check How Big is your Database Get Data for Each Property and from Each Content Type Complete Tree Structure of your web site Check EPiServer DB Version Check How Big...

  • Episerver CMS 11 – Certification

    If you are Episerver CMS Certified Developer, every two year you need to the exams. And this month was my turn! I started to look around and found many stuff related to exam changed. To summarized it I gathered all items I thought is important to...