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  • Russian doll caching - lightning fast rendering

    I spent a hackday with looking at implementing a russian doll based html cache for CMS. I think the result was so interesting so I thought I should share it. I will describe russian doll caching more later but in short the idea is to cache chunks ...

  • Optimizing a count

    This is a continuation of my previous post about paging in SQL Server. When it comes to paging, you would naturally want to know the total number of rows satisfying, so you can display some nice, useful information to your end-users. You would...

  • Create Episerver admin user by code

    After installing an Alloy site I forgot the username and password to login to Episerver and creating a local user and adding it to the Administrators group did not work for me. Maybe someone can tell me how that should work and be done!? The old... 1

  • Configuring VSTS Releases From a single package to working with New Relic on the DXC

    As part of my first expereince fully working with the DXC we chose to use the Visual Studio Team Services code , build , test and deploy process so that we could manage everything in VSTS and have links through to work items for build and releases... 5

  • Upgrading the AlloyDemoKit to Episerver 11

    A new branch has been added to the AlloyDemoKit repository on GitHub . In this branch I have updated the site to Episerver CMS 11. Until all (or at least the most important) packages used by the demo kit are available for this new version, this...

  • The art of paging

    No this is not really “art” – I’m just trying to have a more clickbait title. It’s more about understanding what you have at your disposal and use them for your benefits – in this case – how new SQL statement can drastically improve your...

  • Retrieving Available Content Types in EPiServer

    After a few development iterations it can be difficult to keep an overview of all content types and their properties. We can always look in Visual Studio or click through different menus in edit and admin mode, but that’s just too time-consuming. ...

  • "New" package: Demo Channels for Episerver 11

    If you ever worked with the AlloyDemoKit (our demo environment based on the starterkit and available on GitHub ), then you might have seen that there are 2 display channels available which are not in the starterkit. These channels are the Text-TV...