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  • How to localise your 404 custom error page in Episerver

    I feel like there is a better / easier way of doing this but I couldn’t find a resource online that works (and there isn’t much I could find at the time of writing). So I’m sharing this post as an option that works, incase you haven’t found a bett...

  • Building a content-backed option list for your editors

    So here's the premise, you want to let your editors select an option in a list, but, you also know that that list could change over time. A common approach is to use an enum, or a list of strings in an app-settings key. While both of these...

  • VII Episerver meetup in Serbia

    Geta digital will host a meetup focusing on how Episerver fits with the rich frontend world. Or it's rather the other way around?

  • Control the rounding level of currencies

    Promotion engine rounds the discount value to the known decimal digits of the order currency. The official decimal digits of currencies are defined by  ISO 4217 standard, however as a business, you might have different requirements. For example,... 7

  • Showing the friendly URL of a Content Reference or Url property in a PropertyList

    When a Url or ContentReference is used in a PropertyList the editor sees this as a ContentReference ID or unfriendly permanent URL. With a little Dojo magic we can use a custom formatter to show the editor a friendly URL!

  • Episerver Meetup Oslo November 21st

    Episerver performance tips, exploring headless delivery, SEO for digital assistants, GDPR aftermath. Welcome to another Episerver Meetup in Oslo, hosted by Epinova!

  • Refactoring Commerce catalog code, a story

    There is a no secret that I am a fan of refactoring. Clean. shorter, simpler code is always better. It’s always a pleasure to delete some code while keeping all functionalities: less code means less possible bugs, and less places to change when yo...

  • Scheduled Jobs Cleaner for Episerver

    Cleaning up the tblScheduledItemLog and tblScheduledItem tables is a boring task, and sometimes we don't have direct access to the production database. For that reason, I’ve created an add-on that automatically removes ghost scheduled jobs from an...