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  • Using routing rules to validate a site before go live/swap (DXC Service)

    During a deployment in DXC Service a temporary slot is created where the new version of the site is pushed, prepared and warmed up . If everything looks good during the manual validation step, it will finally be swapped with the previous version o...

  • Web application warmup during DXC Service deployments

    When deploying through the DXC Service Management Portal, warmup is both configured (when needed) and tested automatically as a part of the deployment. Since it's usually the most time-consuming part of a deployment, this blog post is aimed at...

  • Auto Translation V2 to V3 migration

    Api V3 has came out. Microsoft has migrated auto translation service api from V2 to V3 in the beginning of this year. Version 2 was deprecated on April 30, 2018 and will be discontinued on April 30, 2019 according to Microsoft announcement here...

  • Using AI to analyze Images in Episerver

    Inspired by Artificial Intelligence? Me too! In this blog, I'll show you how to configure Azure Cognitive Services , add the Computer Vision C# SDK to Episerver, and work with Azure Computer Vision's APIs to analyze Images. What can we do with AI ... 11

  • Marking notifications as read automatically

    Users often have a large number of unread notifications displayed in their notification icon badge. While opening the window temporarily clears the badge, the number returns on a page reload. This has been discouraging users from utilizing...

  • Create custom Episerver Forms container

    In this blog post I’ll show you how you can create a custom Episerver Forms form container block. Then I will extend it having custom properties to enter the Google Tag Manager related form submit event information. This is another approach to my...

  • Commerce 13 is ready to go

    The day has finally come, and we got the approval from our QA team for Commerce 13. It will be released to public earlier next week. If you plan to upgrade to Commerce 13 (which you should ;) ), these are a few things to keep in mind Commerce 13 i... 2

  • Five things developers need to start doing now to make editors happy!

    Over the years I've seen many implementations of Episerver and one thing that has been consistent is developers tending to forget about the Editor.  You know, that person who will wind up using the product.  Sometimes it's an inherited project fro... 9