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  • IContentLoader.Get(contentLink) is considered harmful for catalog content.

    A while ago I wrote about how you should be aware of IContentLoader.GetChildren (contentLink) here. However, that is only half of story. IContentLoader.Get (contentLink) is also considered harmful. Not in terms of it causes damage to your site (we...

  • Episerver and ImageProcessor: New Crop addition and renaming of UI package

    I wanted to see if the Image Cropper Property Editors could work with my ImageProcessor add-ons too. Turned out they did. Just had to make some small changes to using statements and url formatting and that was basically it. I have now added the... 3

  • EPiServer.Forms storing upload file in HttpSession

    Few months ago I got a Forms support case from a customer. They had a concern for security perspective as well as GDPR perspective. The question is "Is  it possible to avoid saving files that are uploaded using the fileupload element and attach th... 3

  • Making a configurable color picker for Episerver: Part 1

    This blog post is the first in a two-parter looking into creating a color picker for Episerver that is configurable and suitable for a multi-site setup. This part essentially sets out to explain the approach and goals, then covers the Dojo front-e...

  • Job Notification Add-On Upgraded to Latest

    Keeping up to date with Episerver’s continous release cycles can be challenging, especially when you’re a member of the add-on community. Even though it is my responsibility as the developer of a range of public Episerver add-ons, it often tends t...

  • How to Easily Eject and Replace an Episerver Registered Implementation

    Even though it may sound like an edge-case for some, it is something you once in a while may be required to do in order to achieve the desired functionality. Dependent on the kind of registration Episerver used to setup their implementation, the...

  • Episerver on Azure: finding a memory leak

    Tracking down performance issues can be tricky as they can be caused by many things. Somewhere this week I noticed some performance issues on one of our sites. Every day, the site seemed to slow down for quite a while. Not all requests were...

  • On Page Edit for Images

    The default image edit mode in Episerver CMS is a little bit boring - it's nothing but an image tag with the actual image. Why not offer a richer on page edit experience for image media as you typically get for pages and blocks?