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  • ServiceApi Customers and Organizations Extended

    Recently I helped a couple of partners who needed to be able to update custom properties on customers and organizations using the service api.  I sent them some code and thought I would share here for anyone else who might need.  Hopefully soon th... 1

  • Easily add special characters in Episerver TinyMCE editor

    What if an editor comes to you and ask how they can add special characters to the content they enter in Episerver? They want to add for example the copyright character ‘©’. As you are a tech guy your answer is simple “Just hold alt and dial 0169...

  • Fixed gadgets

    Episerver gives a flexible way of adding and rearranging gadgets in edit mode. Editors can select which gadgets should be displayed, change their position and size. But for some editing scenarios we would like to force specific gadgets to be...

  • Virtual Template System - v3.0 available with UI updates, fixes and internal changes

    A new version of Virtual Template System is now available with UI updates, bug fixes and refactoring to the internals. Virtual Template System allows users to view and edit templates in the Episerver UI. The updated UI can be seen in the video...

  • Welcome Nicola Ayan as new EMVP

    Today I have the honor of announcing that the EMVP Board has granted Nicola Ayan EMVP status in recognition of her dedication to - and knowledge sharing with - the Episerver community. Welcome aboard, Nicola! You are now joining a group of truly... 10

  • Simple Content Synchronization

    I recently received a question from a partner trying to implement a requirement for having no live edits on the production server.  I have received this question a few other times so I thought I would see if I could come up with a solution that... 2

  • Real-world integration for Episerver Commerce implementation

    When implementing an  Episerver  CMS solution, integration with external systems is not always required. However, I have not seen any  Episerver Commerce  implementation that can go live without integration. The following diagram depicts a typical... 8

  • Filter your commerce campaigns for access

    A customer wanted to have access rights on the campaigns in Commerce, so marketing managers for one market could not make changes to the campaigns for other markets. As this is not possible out of the box, I tried to find another way. I remembered...