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  • Curing your Redirect woes when using ASP.NET Identity and UISignInManager.SignIn()

    Hello World. In this post I'll show you how to modify UISignInManager so that it does not fully rely on the ReturnUrl query parameter for redirects, enabling us to use whatever redirection logic we may desire and/or require! The context I recently...

  • Understanding Episerver CMS - How are images rendered

    When using reusable content such as images, the actual HTML rendering of them can happen multiple places. But when is what used? And how can you customize it?

  • Does your edit mode show up blank after upgrade?

    I’ve seen quite a few users who ended up with just the top bar in edit mode after upgrading EPiServer lately. Most of them seems to have to do with the Visual Studio Web Accessibility Checker, or with Browser Link. For me, however, none of them...

  • Update Episerver project to use ASP.NET MVC 5.2.6 version

    As we developers like to live on the edge – we usually want to press the Update button next to a NuGet package in Visual Studio. Newer isn’t always better but usually the updated package(s) contains a security fix or some other improvement that yo...

  • Missing Geographic Coordinate and Location

    During Bootcamp exercise A4, is demanded to create a new Visitor Group for personalization. But the Geographic Location was not present. Only Time of Day was present. EPiServer.GoogleAnalytics add-on was not installed or configured. So, checked th...

  • Episerver CMS Bootcamp

    Hi all, at 17/09/2018 I started Episerver CMS Bootcamp online. This blog will serve to write all the difficulties that i had and what were their solutions. Disclaimer. The logo image of this blog is the Episerver logo and not my creation.

  • How to change the delay between subsequent saves in EPiServer TinyMCE

    By default we would save every two seconds (of course only if the content was changed in any way, the save is throttled for 2 seconds by default).  Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust that value using the fluent server side api. Hopefully, ...

  • Customize #TinyMCE at runtime in Episerver 11

    Need to customize the TinyMCE buttons at runtime and not at init? here is how.