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  • A curious case of SQL Server function

    This time, we will talk about ecfVersion_ListFiltered, again. this stored procedure was previously the subject of several blog posts regarding SQL Server performance optimizations. When I thought it is perfect (in term of performance), I learned...

  • Transformations in addons, AddOn.Initial upgrade & beautification

    With Episerver 11, the default behavior of NOT scanning protected modules folder started to work as it should have. So, I updated my add-ons and added this to AddOn.Initial github project that should help out if you are building your own add-on.

  • Increased Flexibility in Commerce Catalog URLs

    As all of you probably know there are two built-in ways to route to catalog items in Episerver Commerce: The hierarchical route composed of the catalog/category/entry hierarchy and the "SEO" route which uses a single url segment, which for obvious...

  • Setting up Hangfire in Episerver

    Installation For Episerver integration you will need the main package of Hangfire and also StructureMap integration package: Install-Package Hangfire Install-Package Hangfire.StructureMap Configuration First, add the base configuration to the Owin...

  • Automate your Episerver site definitions

    We’ve all been there. Restoring a copy of the production database on your development or test-environment, start the site and you get a 404. Argh, I forgot to set the correct  site definitions! Again! Fig 1. The freaking site definitions In a mult...

  • Episerver Commerce Certification – Exam Tips for Developers

    There are at the time of writing 117 Commerce Certified Developers (at 40 companies) in the world. And that´s not many, so by being a Certified Commerce Developer it will boost your career and make you attractive on the market.

  • Lionbridge Connector Review: How To Do Language Translations Within Episerver

    In today's guide, I'm reviewing Lionbridge connector for Epsierver.  I've recently been working on a project for a client who has a global presence, so they have a requirement to do content translations from English into a multitude of...

  • CartHelper is dead, long live IOrderRepository

    As a framework provider, we take backward compatibilities seriously, and we keep supporting public APIs as long as it makes senses. If we can improve our framework by changing the internal implementation without having to change the singatures,...