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  • CartHelper is dead, long live IOrderRepository

    As a framework provider, we take backward compatibilities seriously, and we keep supporting public APIs as long as it makes senses. If we can improve our framework by changing the internal implementation without having to change the singatures,...

  • 7 new EMVPs

    On behalf of the EMVP Board, we're very happy to announce 7 new EMVPs today, growing the Episerver Most Valuable Professional program to a total of 37 elite members. They have all made significant contributions in 2017 (and many for several years)... 4

  • Working with Episerver Insight and the Episerver Profile store API

    Episerver has recently released  Episerver Insight which is the user interface for viewing, filtering visitor profiles and creating segments. This relies on Episerver Profile store in order to store profile data. This post describes how its possib...

  • How To Get The Episerver Pages Current Language

    This article will hopefully be short and sweet.  If you're building a multi-language EPiserver website, there will be times when you need to do things like creating URLs to page within, or, linking to assets like images.  When you enable a differe...

  • Top 10 Feature Requests for Episerver

    While Episerver contains a ton of functionality - both in the core products and via add-ons - there is always room for improvements. These are the 10 most requested missing features, as reported by the Episerver community.

  • Making Episerver Categories More...Useful.

    Episerver's categories work fine for what they do, but they're crammed into the legacy Admin area and, compared to the rest of the platform, feel a bit dated to me. Coming from the Ektron world, the comparative Taxonomy functionality was very...

  • Breaking changes in SendGridForEpi

    I've updated the Krompaco.SendGridForEpi add-on with support for CMS 11 and made it dependent on the latest SendGrid package. This version (1.0.0) is now available on Episerver's NuGet feed. SendGrid's official package is now a lot cleaner which i...

  • Episerver Commerce Catalog import using Azure Storage and Azure WebJobs

    I have written a new blog post on how you can you use Azure Storage to speed up Episerver catalog import. Read the full post on my company blog .