How the Social Reach Add-on gadget constructs the auto-input message

This topic explains how the Social Reach Add-on gadget constructs the auto-input message. The message is created when a Social Reach user is posting a message and selects a link. Social Reach then populates the message's Name and Message fields by extracting information from the link per the following logic. The user can accept the values or edit them before sending the message.

  1. The widget gets the contentlink from EditView and sends it to the OutReach panel.
  2. In the OutReach panel, the widget extracts contentData from the contentLink.
  3. Using the following components, the widget populates the OutReach UI components.
    • message.Name = contentData.Name
    • message.MessageBody = contentData["MetaDescription"] or "MainBody" or "Info_Description" (in priority order).

Additional explanation of MessageBody

OutReach uses the contentData Meta Description property if it exists.
    If that property has no value, OutReach uses the MainBody property.
         If that property has no value, OutReach uses the Info_Description property.

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Last updated: Aug 24, 2015