Last updated: Oct 02 2018

Shopspray Punchout

Shopspray Punchout is self-service purchasing for B2B buyers. It is a process that lets the purchaser initiate a web session on the supplier's commerce platform from their ERP, showing the purchaser's specific product range, prices, discounts, campaigns, inventory information, and so on. 

A customer goes to checkout after finishing a session and the cart is transmitted as a purchase requisition directly to the customer’s procurement platform (instead of placing an order). In the procurement platform, the purchasing organization can then examine, certify, and execute the order according to their specific internal work flow. The purchase order is approved and the final order is placed to the supplier.

The session enables a safe, real-time communication channel between ERP and e-commerce for data transfer as a purchase requisition.

  • A purchaser always see the correct assortment with accurate pricing, promotions, stock information and so on.
  • When the order is transferred, the purchasing company can continue with their internal workflow.
  • As a seller you receive accurate orders and minimize manual handling. Accurate orders also results in better traceability and you get to scrap your fax machine!
  • Improved (and adjustable) customer experience. More attractive to potential buyers.

EPR/Procurement platform

  • Standard integrations using OCI and cXML
  • Order handling & workflow in real time
  • Ready for internal procurement processes


  • Customer specific asortment
  • Customer specific prices & discounts
  • Customer specific experience


  • Episerver module
  • One truth. Digital catalougue  maintained and administered in one place
  • Upsell/cross sell
  • Utilizing existing commerce logic 

Note: See Add-ons platform compatibility for supported platform versions and installation information.



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