Last updated: Feb 06 2015

Episerver Klarna payment provider

The Episerver Klarna payment provider connects Episerver Commerce with Klarna, a leading provider of advanced online payment solutions in the Nordic region.

With Klarna, you only need one solution to offer all the popular payment methods, saving you time and money on administration. For your customers to be able to buy, they only need to enter absolutely necessary information. Simplicity that significantly helps improves your average order value as well as cart conversion rates.

Klarna offers all major popular payment methods and you as a merchant get them in a single, integrated solution. This means that you only have one supplier, one integration, one agreement, one payout, one settlement and one customer support. Plus Klarna assumes the customer risk, meaning you get paid even if the customer doesn't pay Klarna.

Simplifying buying by removing friction

Most checkout carts are deserted before the sale is completed. 66% of laptop users and as many as 82% of smartphone shoppers don’t bother checking out. It doesn't have to be this way.

Klarna Checkout helps with:

  • Increasing Average Order Value
  • Improving Checkout Rates
  • Improve return customer rates

Why Klarna?

  • The simpler it is for your customers to buy, the more you will sell. The simplicity of Klarna’s services maximises your conversion.
  • Since Episerver already has Klarna pre-installed as a plug-in, it is simple to integrate. In addition, Klarna's fully automated invoices will minimise your administration.
  • With Klarna you always get paid; regardless of whether the customer pays or not. Klarna assumes the entire credit and fraud risk.
  • Klarna product videos: US - UK - DE - SE - FI - NO.

Note: See Add-ons platform compatibility for supported platform versions. Installation is available as zip files or you can download the Klarna plug-in. Installation instructions are provided in the zip file with the plug-in.


  • No additional license fee for the add-on.
  • A Klarna account.

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