Last updated: Aug 20 2015

GPI Translation Services

The GPI Translation Services connector installs on the Episerver dashboard. You can send pages for translation to target languages. The connector provides the following features:

  • One project can support any number of pages and target languages.
  • Integrate with the GPI Translation Portal, a fully customizable, cloud-based communication and collaboration portal that provides immediate access to translation project information.
  • Secure access for global teams to collaborate and track translation projects.
  • Limit access to user groups, such as Administrators and Editors.
  • Initiate translation workflows with a single click.
  • Reports for tracking and managing global translation projects.
  • Import and export content translation workflows.
  • Download proposals, quotes, and project materials.
  • View status, schedules, and project task lists.

Note: See Add-ons platform compatibility for supported platform versions and installation information.


  • A GPI account is required for translation services.
  • No license fee for the add-on.

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