Last updated: Mar 23 2018

Connect for Campaign

Episerver Connect for Campaign is an add-on that connects Episerver CMS, Episerver Forms, and Episerver Campaign. With this add-on, you can collect visitor data and pass that on to Episerver Campaign.


In order to use Connect for Campaign, apart from Episerver CMS and Episerver Campaign, you also need to install the following add-ons:

Breaking changes

Supported platform versions

Episerver CMS 10, 11.


Installed via Visual Studio and the NuGet package EPiServer.ConnectForCampaign.

Authenticating Connect for Campaign

In order to connect to Episerver Campaign, enter your authentication details (username, password and Mandator ID*) in the CMS admin view under CMS > Admin > Config tab > Connect for Marketing Automation:

(* The Mandator ID is provided with your Episerver Campaign installation.) 

Connecting Episerver Forms with Episerver Campaign

When the add-on is installed, you need to connect form fields with Episerver Campaign so that data from the specified fields can be sent to Campaign. This is described in the Episerver Platform User Guide.

Configuring Connect for Campaign


When a website visitor submits a form, a tracking cookie is generated which can be used to identify the visitor. If the visitor opens the form again in the same web browser (assuming it still has the cookie and it is valid), the system automatically gets the visitor's data based on the cookie and fill in the data in the form.

This autofill feature can be  enabled and disabled in the CMS admin view, under Config > Connect for Marketing Automation > Global Settings > Enable Auto-fill on forms:

Clearing the cache

Information such as Session Token, Recipient Lists, etc is stored in the cache to improve performance.

To clear the cache:

  1. In CMS admin view, go to Config tab > Connect for Marketing Automation.
  2. In the Clear Cache section, click Clear cache:

Storing tracking cookie

When a website visitor submits a form, a tracking cookie is generated which can be used to identify the visitor. You can configure how long this tracking cookie is stored by setting the value of the trackingCookieTimeout: attribute in the Campaign.config file. The value is set as number of days.

The Campaign.config file is found under modules/_protected/EPiServer.ConnectForCampaign.

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