Last updated: Nov 14 2016

LivePerson LiveEngage Connector for Episerver

LivePerson LiveEngage is a live chat capability integrated into Episerver websites. LiveEngage is a hosted service provided by LivePerson and can be integrated into licensed or DXC service implementations through a button on the site.

Episerver’s implementation of LiveEngage includes a secure agent dashboard. The dashboard provides the agent with task prioritization, notifications, and predictive intelligence about the chat conversation.

LivePerson LiveEngage is available for both cloud-based and on-premises Episerver instances.

LivePerson LiveEngage is the industry-leading consumer engagement platform that enables thousands of brands around the world to connect with consumers through online and mobile messaging. LiveEngage offers unparalleled security and intelligence, letting brands proactively connect and stay connected with their customers, driving greater sales, reducing costs, and strengthening brand loyalty.

Note: See Add-ons platform compatibility for supported platform versions.


  • LivePerson installs LiveEngage for each customer. Contact LivePerson for information.
  • There is an Installation/configuration charge applied for each site. Pricing is based on credits that are used on an annual basis. A credit is basically one chat connection.