Thomas Leela

Thomas Leela

 Alias: Thomas Leela
 Workplace: Epinova AS
 Role/Title: Developer, System Architect
 Episerver Experience: Worked with Episerver CMS since 2004
 Location: Norway
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Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 22, 2012

The ghosts from the EPiServer 4 era are unfortunately very much still alive. Here's why you should minimize ViewState on your sites.

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 21, 2012

One issue I often see poorly implemented in EPiServer is language menus in combination with different hosts. And that’s not difficult to comprehend...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 20, 2012

Replace EPiServer's archive job and organize expired content in a hierarchical structure based on published date

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 20, 2012

While most Remote Events tools for EPiServer can do pings, Epinova.Diagnostics does ping-pong.

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 18, 2012

Sharing our comprehensive QA checklist for EPiServer 6 projects, based on best practices, experience and common sense. The checklist covers...