John-Philip Johansson

John-Philip Johansson

 Alias: John-Philip Johansson
 Workplace: Episerver AB
 Location: Sweden

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Posted on: Feb 25, 2020

As of EPiServer.Labs.BlockEnhancements 0.7.0  it will support sending some telemetry data to help the CMS UI team determine which of the many great...

Posted on: Nov 19, 2019

Episerver CMS Labs are CMS add-ons that solve a big problem in a small way, where the "happy paths" of a user flow are tested and fixed, while othe...

Posted on: Feb 04, 2019

To get an editing overlay on On-Page Edit (OPE) for a content area is quite easy. It's like any other editable property: add the data-epi-edit="Pro...

Posted on: Jan 29, 2019

In CMS UI 11.16.0 , we're making it easier for everyone doing client-side rendered websites to mark up their HTML. Before 11.16.0 In a previous pos...

Posted on: Oct 31, 2018

To get access to the new features explained in this blog post, you will need to enable beta features. This is done by following the following...

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