Per Bjurström

Per Bjurström

Associated company: Episerver AB
Role/Title: Developer, System Architect
Episerver Experience: Worked with Episerver CMS since 1999

About me

Architect on the development team in Stockholm and has been with the company since 1999.

Contact information

Country Sweden
Blog Per Bjurström
Skype episerver_per
Twitter bjuris

CRP Information

Level: Esteemed Citizen
Total contribution points: 1927
Current progress for this level: 427 / 1500

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My latest blogposts

  • This is an early heads up that CMS 11.x will be the last generation of CMS with support for building templates on ASP.NET WebForms. When the ASP.NE...

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  • Performance improvements are done continously but there are some that require breaking changes so I thought I mention some specifically that we did...

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  • Pre-release packages of CMS 11 are being published to the Episerver NuGet feed  today. A pre-release version indicates that the version is unstable...

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  • An update to let you know what breaking changes are planned for CMS Core, as we have done the last few years we plan for one breaking change releas...

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  • A new version of the Episerver Visual Studio extension with support for Visual Studio 2017 is now  available on the Visual Studio Marketplace . We...

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