Fredrik Haglund

Fredrik Haglund

Fredrik Haglund

Fredrik Haglund

Associated company Kodmentor FH AB
Role/Title Developer , System Architect

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About me

My name is Fredrik Haglund and I’m a curious developer with more than 24 years experience in development, as Senior Consultant and Trainer. I have also extensive Business Software Development experience, as well as time spent as an R&D Engineer. I work as an independent consultant specialized on ASP.NET and EPiServer’s product portfolio. You may also meet me as a Trainer working for EPiServer. I have been an European Developer Evangelist for Borland Delphi and also worked as Senior Consultant at INEXOR and Avantime.

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Alias Fredrik Haglund
Country Sweden

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Total contribution points: 1593
Current progress for this level: 93 / 1500

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