Rules for blogging on Episerver World

When you create a blog on Episerver World, you have accepted the blog terms of use. There are however some more informal blogging rules:

  1. Apart from common personal blogs, these blogs are not intended to be an insight into your personal life or to be your diary. The Episerver World blogs are about helping other Episerver users and developers. The blogs should therefore refer to Episerver-related contexts. Some strange posts are allowed as funny reading, but please, no personal essays. The subject of the blog post cannot be you.
  2. As a blogger, you are responsible for the content. That means that you are the lawful publisher. However, since you are blogging using our site and brand name, we reserve the right to freely remove any content we find inappropriate.
  3. You are not allowed to express negative objections on any of our competitors.
  4. You are welcome to express negative feedback about our products and services, but keep in mind rule 1.
  5. Write blog posts in English.
  6. We encourage you to use proper language Since the majority of our bloggers are from non-English speaking countries, we accept spelling and grammar errors. The overall importance is to help others, not hold a spelling contest.

Welcome as a blogger on Episerver World!