Scheduled jobs with parameters problem

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I have three scheduled jobs with input parameters. I followed this guide:

I has worked and showed the input, but all of a sudden the input is not shown anymore. The values are still saved and used when running the job. But there is no way of changing them now.

Im running CMS 7.13.1.

#90431 Sep 09, 2014 14:47
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    Is the AdapterMappings.browser file present in App_Browsers folder or has it been deleted or overwritten?

    If you put a breakpoint in DatabaseJobAdapter.OnInit does it the debugger stop there when you click on the Job in Admin Mode?

    #90441 Sep 09, 2014 21:49
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    The values are stored in EPiServers DynamicDataStore, which is why they are still being persisted and used. I think Fredrik is correct, the adapter mappings being faulty or missing is likely the cause of the problem; that mapping is what connects EPiServer's code with the DatabaseJobAdapter so that the fields can be injected into the page.

    Here is an example mapping at GitHub.

    Did you install the NuGet package or do you work with the source code? Anything useful in the logs?

    #90449 Sep 10, 2014 7:33
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    The Adapatermappings is correct and nothing in the logs. I tried the breakpoint and nothing. But when I tried entering a faulty adapter on purpose and it displayed an error. But when changing back it worked all of sudden.

    #90482 Sep 10, 2014 14:06
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    Hm, I'm not sure I like problems that solve themselves ;) Glad to hear you got it working though! Should you figure out the cause, please tell, it would be interesting to know.

    #90508 Sep 11, 2014 7:21
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    If it happens again, shutdown VS and IIS then delete all ASP.NET Temporary Files. 

    Strange things can happen if you have optimizeCompilation enabled on the compilation-tag in your web.config files. This behavior sounds like that. 

    #90592 Sep 12, 2014 17:07