Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to convert from a relate+ product to another forum-software, or is it like, if you choose relate+ you are stuck?


 I am not familiar with the database structure and a search has failed to come up with a converter to or from any other forum option. 


So do I have to sit down and hard-code everything or is there possibilities in converting to relate+ and if it does not work as hoped, andy possibilities of converting back?

#57281 Mar 08, 2012 12:39
  • Hi Hallgier,

    To my knowledge there doesn't exist any converters. So you will have to do it by hand if you really must export the data to another system. 

    #57284 Mar 08, 2012 15:19
  • so a forum with 13mill posts and 1.1 mill threads, are basicly stuck?

    #57285 Mar 08, 2012 15:22
  • When I mean by hand I mean by writing a utility to export from the Relate template to whatever format the new system accepts.

    The utility goes through all the posts and thread and converts them automatically. 

    #57286 Mar 08, 2012 15:24
  • any idea on how much work it would be to write such a tool, and how much it would cost? I am i that case looking for how much to make a tool to convert to IPB

    #57287 Mar 08, 2012 15:27
  • Sorry I've never done it myself. But it depends on the knowledge you have of Relate's API, the IPB's API and how alike their structure is I would presume.

    #57288 Mar 08, 2012 15:29
  • Hallgier,

    If you are facing problems with Relate, I know EPiServer Developer Support would be more than happy to discuss them with you. Maybe there is a way forward with Relate instead of switching to a whole new platform? I sure hope so anyway :)

    Take care,

    #57296 Edited, Mar 09, 2012 9:39
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