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we had some problem with the default tinymce installation. after alot of testing and changing the configurationwe returend to the old "5" version.

Tinymce is strict and that is a small problem becasue our editor wanted a html editor and the tinymce guys see thier product as wusiwug. so alot of the answer to our problem were "you shouldn't do this do this instead"

the issuse were

1. when there is text without html the tinymce add <p> around the text, - managed to overide using editing in the tinymce.js

2. empty element that we use like <div style:clear:both"></div> are being deleted - managed to over ride it with allowed paramters

3. we had alot of tables with td that have classes the tiny mce delete the classes. - we didn't fint a soultion to this :(

in the end i found the cleanup config that can be disabled so all the issues were solved. but...


1. when we add script\style to the tinymce it write <mce: and when you saved it changed back to <script / <style but when we removed the cleanup the <mce is being kept and the html code have it with <mce

so we set the cleanup to true and i found another issue

when we have script and you save it adds cdata elements, thats ok and the script works but when you eredit the html itself tinymce adds another cdata to the current cdata, i saw a xhtml area with 10 cdata to a script alert ???.

has anyone got over this issues ? has any1 managed to create a good tinymce.js file ?

i realy like the tinymce but our content editor with the open issues will not approve of it.

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