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On the Overlook demo site there is no [ExtensionSys] prefix to the name of the content blocks and areas when in on page edit mode but if you create your own content block and add it to the site you get the prefix and also for all functions on a "real" site. Is there a way to remove this prefix? For small teasers it hides the real name of the content block type.


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    I never used Composer, but my guess would be that they are translated with languages files. Search within the language files and hopefully you'll find something. If I'm wrong, I will never answer a composer question again.. :)

    #56495 Jan 24, 2012 10:08
  • Hi Viktor

    The prefix [ExtensionSys] should be trimmed automatically when you register a Composer block in admin mode. How did you register your block? Could you take a look at the page type tab in EPiServer admin and verify that the names of the page types represent the content blocks are as they should be.


    Hieu Doan.

    #56496 Jan 24, 2012 10:10
  • Hi Erik Nordin

    Yes, it's correct. The name and description of Composer content blocks are using the translation and the language files in the same way as CMS :)


     <pagetype name="[ExtensionSys] Article">
            <description>Redigering med textformatering med rubrik och brödtext</description>




    Hieu Doan

    #56497 Jan 24, 2012 10:13
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    I created my test content block on the Overlook page the normal way in EPiServer Admin mode and the composer tool and a page type named "[ExtensionSys] Kalle" was created and that was the name of the content block in on page edit. But looking at the reflected code for composer now I can see that it tries to load the name from a language file and if that fails it falls back on page type name and does not remove the [ExtensionSys]" so I guess the solution is to add the page types to the language files.

    Is it a bug that "[ExtensionSys]" is not removed from the fallback or is it by design?


    #56500 Jan 24, 2012 10:30
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