"Mark page as changed" checked as default

Is there any way to have the checkbox "Mark page as changed" ("Markera sidan som ändrad") checked as default? It would be good to have the date in the footer updated when I make a change on the page.

I found some forum posts on this topic, but they were all from CMS 4. Has there been any changes since then regarding this?

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    Fredrik Haglund has a blog post about moving properties to a different tab that you could use: http://blog.fredrikhaglund.se/blog/2009/06/08/move-built-in-property-to-another-tab-when-editing/

    But having "mark page as changed" always checked could be bad choice. For instance if you're using or planing to use the episerver subscription functionality which uses "mar page as changed" to know if something important have happened to the page.

    An alternative could be doing a hidden custom property that always saves the current time and present that in the footer.

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  • We actually changed the functionality so that "Mark page as changed" is checked as default. If I would like to do a small change, like correct spelling or so, I actively uncheck the box. Our editors reported that forgetting to check the box when updating information was a problem that was more likely to occur than forgetting to actively uncheck it when needed.

    However we don't have a subscription functionality.

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    Trying to bump this thread. Has anyone found a solution yet? 



    Andreas Clair

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    Stumbled across this thread. I find it kind of amusing that Per Nergård who first said it was a bad idea, a few months later wrote a plugin to accomplish the exact same thing. Change of heart, Per? :-)

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    I still think it's a bad idea to do this when you have a site using the built in EPiServer subscription functionality. Funny we got to build such a site just a couple of month later from my original post.

    Funny things happen :)



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  • Any one got ideas how to get Page changed by default in v5.2, any ideas welcome


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    Since the two approaches I tried in my blog post don't work in CMS 5 I would try the following.


    1. Analyze the html markup that is rendered when editing a page and see how the "Mark page as changed" is rendered.

    2. Create a custom property that injects som javascript into the editpage which checks the "Mark page as changed".

    3. Fix the new customproperty so it doesn't render any input controls itselfs so i'ts invisible for the editor.




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