Cache timeout for online users?

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I'm getting a collection of online users with the OnlineStatusModule.GetOnlineUsers method. Is there a way of setting a cache timeout for this? I'd like the collection to be updated when users login or logout, but currently this does not happen (unless I do a rebuild).

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#30389 Jun 15, 2009 9:50
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    Hi Helena,

    The trick is to call OnlineStatusModule.LogOffUser(IUser user) when logging off, The problem is in the current release (3.2) there is bug in this functionality. However this is fixed in the upcoming service release that will be available very soon.

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    Tom Stenius

    #30751 Jun 18, 2009 10:45
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    Thanks for the answer Tom, looking forward to the next release then!

    #30755 Jun 18, 2009 13:23
    Is this "bug" solved on the latest downloadable release or are we talking of an nr upgrade? LIke 3.3 ?

    #33882 Oct 21, 2009 17:34
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    I believe this is solved in the 3.2 SP 1 release, not that there is also a Hotfix for the 3.2 SP1. Head over to the download section and you will find them both!

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    #33894 Oct 22, 2009 5:00
    It looks like we have all the updates and SPs and the site is not working correctly... the login stamp is not ( randomly ) working and it looks like the logout link on the top is updating as online??? I dont really see any pattern in this error.
    #33926 Oct 22, 2009 13:53
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